matchy matchy. [26.365]

I started a new project this weekend…

matchy matchy.

Cathy gave me some gorgeous Fleece Artist BFL Aran in a GMDS package awhile back, and it was almost a perfect match to the BFL aran that I’d knit my blue girlified-Cobblestone sweater out of several years ago. As some of you know, I have a bit of an obsession with knitting miniature versions of my own sweaters for Madrigal – so I’ve wanted to knit her a Cobblestone-esque sweater from this yarn for quite awhile now. Hers will be a bit different, though – it’s going to have a garter-stitch kangaroo pocket on the front, and a split placket at the front of the yoke (which I’ll edge with i-cord) – I want it to be easy for her to get on over her rather large noggin! So far, I’m a little over halfway through the body knitting; it goes pretty quickly at 4sts/inch!

4 thoughts on “matchy matchy. [26.365]”

  1. I love it! All of your mini-sweaters are great. I wish I’d done the same with Grace, but that would require me to actually finish a sweater for myself.

    1. It is so much fun to make mini-sweaters! They take so little time (well, actually, they take me about the same amount of time that a me-sized sweater used to take, pre-M, but that’s still pretty good!), and we get to be adorably matchy while she’s still too little to complain :)

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