playing with trains. [25.365]


We went to the Strong Museum of Play today. My parents got us a membership for Christmas and it was our first time visiting!

<div align="center"Maddy and the trains.

Madrigal had a BLAST there. There was so much great stuff – fishtanks, all sorts of toys and play areas, a miniature Wegmans, a miniature Post Office, a place with toy trains (she really likes wooden trains – I hope to get her an IKEA set if we can ever make it to an IKEA), and lots and lots of stairs, which M loves to practice on. We didn’t even see half of what was there, and we were there for 2 hours. It was great.

Lucky us, we actually live less than a mile from this place (our neighborhood is basically right on the edge of “downtown”) – when it isn’t icy, we can totally walk here!