matchy matchy.

I started a new project this weekend:

matchy matchy.

Awhile back, my friend Cathy sent me a couple of gorgeous skeins of Fleece Artist BFL Aran, and they happened to be a near-perfect match for the BFL Aran I’d knit my blue Cobblestone sweater form several years ago (I wear this sweater near constantly in the winter – it’s basically a handknit version of a warm comfy sweatshirt for me). As y’all know, I have a bit of an obsession with knitting miniature versions of my own sweaters for Madrigal, so of course, that’s what I wanted to use this yarn for.

new project

Hers will be a bit different, though – those held stitches on the front are for a garter-stitch kangaroo pocket, and I plan on creating a split placket at the front of the yoke, so that it’s easy for her to get on and off (also, so that I can knit the garter yoke flat rather than in the round!). Basically, I’m trying to make the sweater I sketched out a little over a year ago:

Because when I'm overwhelmed, I plan sweaters.

Of course, now that I look back at the sketch, I’m noticing that I originally intended to do split garter welts instead of a solid garter band at the bottom hem – and I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing that, so even though I’ve now knit almost the entire body, I might have to just rip it out and start over (I’ll probably add a few stitches, too, since it’s looking a bit narrower than the Extra Yarn Sweater and I want the fit to be similar).

Because that’s the sort of knitter I am, after all – I’d rather knit something 3 times than to have it turn out less than what I intended. But still…fneh. One of these days I’d like to just get something right the first time again. I used to have such a knack for that, but that’s something that seems to have been lost (along with quite a few other things) upon entering motherhood. C’est la vie.

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