me and my buddy. [31.365]

Hah, remember when almost all my photos were of our cats? And now they almost never get their pictures taken. Poor kitties. They're still photogenic! And cuddly :) I worked at home today (I'm still feeling super-duper run-down) and took advantage of the daylight hours over lunch by taking pictures of my knitting. While I… Continue reading me and my buddy. [31.365]


maddy sweater, take 2

In my last post, I mentioned that I might rip out the sweater I'd started knitting for M, after rediscovering my sketch from last year and wishing I'd used the construction method I'd originally planned. So here's Take 2: This time around, I used split hems, which meant knitting two garter bands flat and then… Continue reading maddy sweater, take 2