things i make for maddy

things *we* make for maddy: roly-poly pinafore

I think this will wrap up the little backlog of projects that accumulated towards the end of last year - and it isn't a knitting project, but a SEWING project! I say "we" made it, meaning my husband and I, because while I did all of the stitching, he took care of setting up the… Continue reading things *we* make for maddy: roly-poly pinafore


haircut day. [18.365]

Today I got my hair cut. I'd kinda forgotten I had an appointment, with all of the sickness and whatnot this past week. It was nothing special, just a trim, but with a new student stylist. (I go to an Aveda teaching place and always request students because it's a lot cheaper, but it can… Continue reading haircut day. [18.365]