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swatching at my desk. [59.365]

Today was a little crazy. I decided (kind of last-minute) to submit some of the design ideas I've had banging around my brain for Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People 8. I figure if they accept them, awesome, if not, they're ones I'm planning to write up and knit for self-publishing anyway, so no big loss. Except… Continue reading swatching at my desk. [59.365]


throwback thursday: my family. [58.365]

Never really had a good chance to take a photo today, so I'm taking advantage of Throwback Thursday to raid my little collection of childhood photos. I'm guessing this one is from late summer/early fall of 1984 - my brother's probably 2-3 months old, so I'd be 16-17 months or so here. This was taken… Continue reading throwback thursday: my family. [58.365]