sick day soup [14.365]

Still sick. I don’t know what I’m going to do if my voice doesn’t come back tomorrow – I teach two classes on Thursday (our semester starts tomorrow but I teach T/Th). This respiratory bug is brutal.

sick day soup.

It’s also killed my appetite, so that I basically can’t stomach eating anything that isn’t either soup, cheerios, or popcorn. I thought we didn’t have any soup left today, but thankfully past-us had made some white bean & barley soup and frozen the extras, and I was able to dig one out of the freezer and it wasn’t freezer-burnt! Hooray for an easy lunch (which I didn’t eat until almost 2pm because, yeah, no appetite). I got my syllabi finalized today, prepared my first couple days of lecture slides for my Language Development class, and started setting up Blackboard for both my Language Development class and my Freshman Writing class. I still have a LOT to do, Blackboard-wise, tomorrow. This whole “prepping for a new semester while ridiculously sick” thing is really not fun at all.

7 thoughts on “sick day soup [14.365]”

  1. :( feel better – It is the worst trying to teach with no voice. Hope you’re able to get everything set up for your new semester & feel better soon.

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