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sicky sick sick [15.365]

Poor M joined me in sickitude today – we kept her home from school and she just wanted to rock on me, with her face on my bare skin. Poor bug.

We don't feel good :(

But poor mama, too – I went into campus for a doctor’s appointment and found out that this respiratory bug that I can’t kick? It’s progressed to pneumonia. No wonder I’ve been feeling like poo. I know have some powerful antibiotics and a regimen of Robitussin and rest to follow – which is going to be interesting considering that my classes start tomorrow, so I’ll be teaching for nearly 4 hours. And we still don’t know if M’s going to be able to go to school.

This semester is getting off to a really shitty start, but I’m surprisingly mellow about it. I guess all the work I’ve been doing on my anxiety issues is paying off a bit? Or I’m just too sick to care, ha!

6 thoughts on “sicky sick sick [15.365]”

  1. ah shit, pneumonia! Well hopefully now that it’s something that has a name you can treat it and get rid of it?! knock on wood.

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