touch big red ball! [13.365]


Madrigal is obsessed with the big red balls outside of Target. We *have* to touch them, every time we visit. She talks about them even after we get home. They’re a pretty big deal in Maddy-world!

Touch big red ball!

I went into campus today and then picked M up early and took her errand-running (Target & Wegmans). This was…not such a good idea, today, as I wasn’t really feeling all that much better than I did yesterday, and by the time we got home, I was totally, utterly wiped out. I didn’t get all that much done on campus, either, because I tried taking an expectorant/cough med this morning and it did nothing for the cough, but made me a loopy space-case who couldn’t focus her eyes for a few hours. Great way to start the new semester! Here’s hoping I’m feeling a little better by the time my first class starts on Thursday, because I’m sure not feeling better today.


6 thoughts on “touch big red ball! [13.365]

  1. Ugh, feel better soon! Finn also went through a phase where he was super obsessed with the big red Target balls. Every time he saw them he had to run over and try to push them. Or he would beg to hold onto me and stand on them.

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