andrew's sweater

so close!

I finished the main part of the knitting on my husband’s sweater this morning! Here it is, in all it’s yet-to-be-steeked glory:

So close!

Some knitty-gritty details, mostly for my own reference: My saddles were 28 stitches wide, plus an edge stitch on either side. I left 18 stitches (9 on either side of the steek) unsaddled in front. To finish the back, I bound off 14 stitches from the front end of each saddle (because I forgot I really had 30 stitches!), and then bound off another stitch on the front-edge twice after that to make it so that I actually had 14 stitches. I saddled towards the center on both sides to use up the rest of the back stitches (but wound up kitchenering the saddles together more towards the left shoulder than the center).

Now that I’ve confused everyone who is not already familiar with the Seamless Hybrid construction, here is a pretty closeup of the result of the shaping:

Closeup of Seamless Hybrid Shaping

And, just because I couldn’t help myself, here’s what it looks like when I put it on over my Bohus Yoke sweater:

I just had to do it.

There’s plenty of room leftover, but since I am rather small, and my husband is average-guy sized, it should be fine. Hooray, math!

So now all that’s left is the steeking. I am going to reread a few tutorials on steeking tonight, and make sure I can find my Knitpicks Palette in a similar light blue to my contrast hems, to use for the crochet reinforcements. And then tomorrow, I will celebrate the end of this year by slicing through my own knitting! Eeeek!

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