andrew's sweater

all together now

Yesterday morning, I joined the sleeves to the body of my husband’s sweater, and started happily knitting the Seamless Hybrid shaping. Here, for your enjoyment, is a picture of how it looks with everything on the needles:

all together now

(My apologies for the terrible photos lately; there’s only so much I can do when the sun refuses to shine brightly enough through the window!)

The rounds seem to take forever now, which I suppose is hardly surprising, given how many stitches there are between the body and the two sleeves (281, to be precise). But they’re going faster and faster as I decrease, so I’m hoping I can finish this part of the knitting soon! Then there’s the steeking, which still frightens the heck out of me, and then (assuming I don’t destroy the sweater in the process of steeking) I’ll put on the collar and button bands, and he’ll have himself an awesome sweater!

7 thoughts on “all together now”

  1. Good luck with the finishing! I still haven’t steeked my aran cardigan because I’m too afraid to do it. If I had a sewing machine I would feel much more comfortable.

  2. it looks great, whitney. make sure to do the crochet steeks with yarn much lighter than the one you use for knitting the sweater. fingerring for worsted and aran. otherwise the steeks will flare. believe me. i have been there. and once you have cut there is no way back. that is actually the only thing that can go wrong. in my opinion.

  3. Serendipity! – I’m thinking of making the same sweater for my son. You’re doing the fourth variation in EZ’s KWT right? Can’t wait to see the finished sweater. Nice work!

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