andrew's sweater


Now here’s the sweater, in all it’s post-steeking glory:


For the crochet-reinforcements, I used Knitpicks Palette, in “Sky”, which was the only fingering-weight non-superwash wool I had in my stash that came close to being appropriate, color-wise. It’s not quite the same color as the Patons Merino I’m using on the hem facings, but it’s pretty close.

I have to admit, I was actually more stressed out by the crochet than I was by the cutting! I am just very awkward at crochet, at least right now. I did figure it out about halfway through, though. The resulting crochet-reinforcements looked pretty cool, almost like a zipper:

ready to go!

Here’s a closeup:

closeup of crocheted steek

And here’s an even closer-up, where you can see how the crochet wraps the stitches on either side of the central ladder (which is what you cut):

crocheted steek

And here’s the moment of truth, in which I take scissors to my own knitting:

moment of truth. [365.205]

Pretty exhilarating! Next, I’m going to knit up the collar, and then the button bands. I’m so close to the end! Just like 2008 :)

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