andrew's sweater, FOs:2009

Andrew has a sweater!

It's done! I finished the finishing work yesterday, wove in all the ends, and gave it a good bath, and after a full night drying in the bathroom with our box fan blowing on it, it was ready to be buttoned up on my darling husband. I'm so delighted with how it turned out, especially… Continue reading Andrew has a sweater!

andrew's sweater

it’s a new year.

So let's start with an "old" project! Here is my darling husband's sweater, so ridiculously close to completion it isn't even funny: All that's left to do is some end-weaving (the ends are more numerous than you'd expect, given that I spit-spliced wherever possible!), a little bit of buttonhole cleanup, a good blocking, and putting… Continue reading it’s a new year.