cambridge jacket


I'd hoped to have a very exciting post for y'all today. I spent 4 hours yesterday knitting the second sleeve of my husband's sweater, and was excited to be so close to finishing...until he tried it on. And now this is what I have to share: Those balls of yarn are what used to be… Continue reading rip.


Our Thanksgiving Feast

We had a quiet Thanksgiving here at casa whitknits; just my husband and I. With my parents out of the country (my dad is teaching in Jamaica over the break), and my brother spending the holiday with his wife's family, and with travel being so expensive in the first place, we decided to keep things… Continue reading Our Thanksgiving Feast



I'm interrupting the knitting content on this blog (what am I talking about? Has there been serious knitting content lately?) to implore everyone (well, everyone who lives in the US) to please, please, please: You're free to laugh at my sad attempt to render the Obama font/logo in crayon, just so long as you vote!… Continue reading vote!