andrew's sweater

a sleeve for the snowstorm

We are having some crazy snowstorms here today, so I’ve been camped out inside all day since getting back from our last-minute run to Wegmans, because we were totally due for groceries today, anyway. And guess what?


I started a sleeve! I reached the end of the body last night (at least, I think I did…I can always add a few more rows before I join the sleeves, if we decide it needs a little more length), so there was nothing to do but start the sleeve. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my size 6 dpns (or perhaps never had any to begin with, though I’d find that hard to believe!), and since I needed to knit the facing on smaller needles than the sleeve, I was stuck knitting the facing flat.

It wasn’t too terrible, though, and soon I was able to switch to my wonderful size 8 KnitPicks Harmony dpns and go flying in the round. I did the same knit-in hem as I’d done for the body, casting on in the main color, then switching to the contrast color for 8 rows, then back to the main color again for one more row, and then the turning row in the larger needles. I just love how the hem facings look!

I’m already contemplating the finishing on this sweater. There’s the steeking, of course, which I have to admit I’m still slightly terrified of doing. But after that, I’ll need to put on a collar, and a button band. I’m thinking of following Kristen’s lead, and doing the same fold-over hem sort of thing with the button bands as I’ve already done on the bottom hems. Wouldn’t that look cool, with a contrast color on the inside of the button bands? The only thing I worry about is whether it would be too heavy. I’m also thinking of doing something similar for the collar; my tentative plan is that it will be in garter rib (incorporating that narrow column of garter stitch that is currently on either side of the steek), but that it, too, will fold over and be lined in the contrast color. What do y’all think?

6 thoughts on “a sleeve for the snowstorm”

  1. I haven’t done a hemmed buttonband, but I wonder if using lighter weight yarn would keep it from being too heavy. You know, sport weight yarn knit at a loose gauge?

  2. I think both of those ideas will be lovely! Jason’s sweater has a nice fold-over collar, and he really loves it. But I think it would look fantastic with the contrasting collar; maybe a little band of it on the end? Or the whole thing, too!

  3. you’re moving fast!

    i like the idea of a contrast color button band, and even for the collar too. i think jared (brooklyntweed) did this for his seamless hybrid.

  4. A contrast color button band would be nice esp. if the turn back portion was done in a slightly lighter weight wool (ala EZ) and as for the color either color or a combination would work. And as for the storm, well I live 2.5 miles form the lake and ended up with 3 feet of snow-plow packed snow at the end of the drive! And now come the lake effect adding to the mounds of snow already on the ground. Stay warm and keep knitting. Happy Solstice to you and Andrew.

  5. I am a huge fan of the contrasting color hems! I love them!

    Hope you managed to escape the house at some point! I was stuck in all weekend and just got out this morning!

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