andrew's sweater

progress on all fronts

The stash sale/Heifer International Fundraiser is still going strong. I’ve shipped off all of the yarn that’s been purchased so far, and after shipping costs, we’ve raised $210 for Heifer International already! There’s still a fair amount left, so if you’re interested in taking some of the yarn I can’t knit with off my hands and supporting Heifer at the same time, click on that link and take a look.

I’m making progress on several other fronts, as well. On the academic front, the semester is all but finished here; all that remains is grading the 93 final project reports that are due by 5pm on Sunday. Tutoring is done for the semester, and so is Symphony. And I’ve now got subjects running in a new study, and a tentative timeline for some important stuff like comprehensive exams and such. Yay!

I’m moving right along on my husband’s sweater, too:

Andrew's Sweater

I’m getting quite close to reaching the underarms, at which point I’ll set it aside and knit a pair of sleeves. The sleeves should be fun, since the increases will give me something to pay attention to. The lack of shaping in men’s sweaters makes for very easy, but somewhat boring knitting!

And finally, there’s this:

test mittens

I’m test-knitting Pam’s new mitten pattern, in the most predictable colors EVER. As has already been pointed out to me, these are the exact some colors as I used for my Cobblestone Sweater, except this time the yarn is Cascade 220. What can I say? I like blue and green. These are going to be some very bright, happy mittens. And who doesn’t want bright, happy mittens when Winter is being dark and gloomy?

Speaking of Winter being dark and gloomy, I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Solstice. The Solstice is the holiday my husband and I celebrate this time of year. I can’t think of anything more worth celebrating right now than the return of brighter days! I hope that y’all have wonderful mid-winter holidays, whichever ones you choose to celebrate!

3 thoughts on “progress on all fronts”

  1. The sweater looks great! You are almost there! I love the color combo you used in cobblestone – you will HAVE to get a shot with both the mitts and sweater when you are done!

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