Stash Sale/Fundraiser

Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a fairly large stash. I’ve picked up yarn at closeout sales, or from friends who decided they just weren’t that into knitting (I know, I know!), or as gifts, and so on, and the longer it sits around, the more I’m realizing that there just isn’t any way I’m going to ever knit with some of it. Part of it is that I have a fair amount of cotton and other less bouncy yarns. While I don’t seem to have any trouble knitting with wool and other bouncy stuff, knitting with things like cotton, at this point, makes my joints ache like you would not believe, thanks to my connective tissue problems.

In any case, I thought that I might be able to use my excess stash to help me raise a bit of money for a good cause. You might have noticed a new little donation link go up in my sidebar a week ago, to a Heifer International donation page. If you’re not familiar with their work, I highly recommend checking them out. I remember many Christmases ago, getting a card from my dad’s parents, saying that they had donated a goat through Heifer International in my name. I was really impressed by Heifer’s approach to helping fight poverty and hunger around the world, and still am. The problem is, I don’t have tons and tons of money to spread around to all of the charities I think do good work. But I do have a whole bunch of yarn.

So here’s the deal. I’m listing a bunch of yarns I’d like to have taken off my hands, with the intention of donating the proceeds to Heifer. Some of it is really nice stuff, some of it is not-so-fancy. I’m listing suggested prices (which include shipping), but feel free to make me an offer (especially if you think the prices are lower than they should be…I’d be thrilled to be able to donate even more to Heifer!). These are also listed on Ravelry; I’m linking to their “trade/sell” page. Comment here, or send me an email (my contact info is on this page). I’ll try to make note of which ones have pending offers or have already been sold, a quickly as I can. Here goes:

Lamb's Pride Bulky
Lamb’s Pride Bulky Lot 1, 1 skein “Limeade”, 2 skeins “Spruce”. $18.

Lamb's Pride Bulky
Lamb’s Pride Bulky Lot 2, 5 full skeins, 2 partial skeins, and 1 oddball of doubled yarn, in “Old Sage”. $32.

Colinette Chrysalis in Lapis
Colinette Chrysalis in “Lapis”. $15.

GGH Java in a deep eggplant
GGH Java, 10 skeins in a deep eggplant color. $30.

Handwork Cora in a nice light grey-blue
Handwork Cora, 10 skeins in a light grey-blue. $25.

Noro Sumile
Noro Sumile, 7 skeins in a deep blue-green. $30.

Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille
Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille, 4 skeins in a nice yellowish green. $20.

SWTC Bamboo yarn, in "Intensity" (blue) and "Parrot" (green/gold/blue variegated)
SWTC Bamboo, 2 skeins “Intensity”, 1 skein “Parrot”. $28.

6 thoughts on “Stash Sale/Fundraiser”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have yarn money at the moment (too many Christmas gifts to buy!), but I wholeheartedly applaud your efforts. My family has a long history of involvement with Heifer International (my great uncle was their executive director for years and years and years — their new educational building is named after him), and it is truly an outstanding organization doing great work.

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