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a snowy Solstice

We had a very snowy Solstice (see my flickr set here for pictures!), and we’ve both thoroughly worn ourselves out with all of the shoveling we had to do. So what better time to update the blog?

Mai asked on my last post for me to explain a little bit about the Solstice. The Wikipedia articles on Solstice and the Winter Solstice do a pretty good job of explaining the astronomical background as well as the ways in which various cultures have celebrated this event. For us, celebrating the Solstice makes a lot of sense; we’re not religious (and thus don’t feel tied to any of the religious holidays celebrated this time of year), and we already have a custom of celebrating our marriage each Solstice and Equinox (we were married on the Spring Equinox in 2005). And I simply can’t imagine something more worth celebrating than the return of lighter, brighter days!

I had hoped to be a lot more prepared for the Solstice this year. I wanted to make stockings for each of us, and to have a few handknit goodies finished for my darling husband. Alas, life has sort of gotten in the way, but I did the best I could:

Andrew's Solstice "stocking"

I made him a “stocking” out of construction paper, crayons, and a set of penguin stickers I found in a drawer, and filled it with miniature construction paper representations of the handknit goodies that were not yet finished. At least the dark chocolate orange wasn’t made out of paper! I was quite tickled with my “pseudostocking”, and he enjoyed it as welll.

So, what are those two handknit goodies he has yet to receive? The first one is pretty obvious, since I’ve been blogging about it for awhile: his Seamless Hybrid. I made good progress on it over the weekend, and am nearly done with the first sleeve:

andrew's sleeve

The other handknit goodie hasn’t gotten a mention here on the blog yet, because I haven’t even started them! I realized a few weeks ago that I had been promising to knit my husband a pair of mittens for quite awhile now, but had never gotten so far as to even pick out a pattern. So we sat down together and looked through some mitten patterns on Ravelry, and he picked out Adrian’ gorgeous Fiddlehead Mittens. Here are the yarns I’ll be using:

andrew's mittens

Cascade 220 in “Chocolate Heather” and “Celery Heather”, with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in “Pea Soup Mix” for the lining. They’re going to be awesome. You know, when I get around to knitting them!

I also have another fun project that I’m waiting to unveil for the New Year…stay tuned!

I hope all of you have a wonderful midwinter celebration, whatever it is that you celebrate!

6 thoughts on “a snowy Solstice”

  1. Happy Solstice! I love the idea of the cutouts for IOU’s for knitted goods! I am going to do that also!!!! Have a WONDERFUL holiday season and enjoy the snow!

  2. thanks for the links! i’ll have to check them out. i was raised as a buddhist, and i tend to think of myself as spiritual rather than religious, so we don’t celebrate christmas in my immediate family. we always have christmas eve dinner with my extended family, but we haven’t done a gift exchange since i was in grade school. occasionally i will get something for my family, but the holiday really has no personal meaning for me. my favorite holiday is july 4 (for the fireworks) and the lunar new year!

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