I have half a sweater!

Right half of Vita de Vie is finished!

And given the way that Vita de Vie is constructed, it looks more literally like “half a sweater” than the halfway point of any other sweater I’ve knit!

Such an interesting construction

I’m also finished with grading now! Which means I’ll likely have more time for knitting (and gosh, after the busy busy semester I had, I am more than ready for a break!). I’ve already cast on for the left side, and hope to make good progress on it.

Vita de Vie, lace closeup.

It’s really a relatively mindless bit of stockinette knitting, except for the lace part – but even the lace is pretty simple to memorize, so it’s a great project for the brain-fried state I am in after a very busy year of teaching.

Right side of Vita de Vie is finished!

Here’s to hoping I don’t miscount anything while knitting the left side, and that I can kitchener the two pieces together neatly once I finish it!

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