working with much pointier needles

Today is the first day since before the start of Spring Semester that I haven’t had anything I *needed* to do, or anywhere I *needed* to be! What a treat! I decided to take advantage of it by getting out the sashiko mini sampler kit that I got from Miniature Rhino awhile back. I’ve been wanting to learn about sashiko stitching for awhile; I’m really drawn towards geometric patterning of the sort that is often featured in sashiko, and I’ve also heard that sashiko is a useful skill if you want to be able to mend your own jeans.

practicing sashiko stitching.

It took me a few tries to get used to running the needle through the fabric, but I eventually got the hang of it (though I think I need to get a thimble, because ouch, pushing that needle through doesn’t feel very good on my fingers!).

Doing all the vertical stitches first.

I first did all of the vertical stitches, then did the horizontal ones, because that’s what the instructions said to do. I loved seeing the little “plus signs” emerge!

Next, the horizontal stitches

It was so exciting when it was all done!

Finished sampler number 1!

It looks pretty nice on the wrong side, too:

The backside.

While reorganizing crafty things, I found another embroidery project that has been long-buried: the ABC Sampler from Posie gets Cozy, which dates back to when I was pregnant with my daughter.

An old project I rediscovered

I apparently only made it partway through the “C” before setting it aside for 7.5 years! So today, I finished the “C”, and also the “D”. Maybe I can try to do one letter per day? We’ll see!

I really liked spending my morning off the computer, off my phone, just stitching quietly. I’m trying to build in more “offline” time, because I’ve noticed that I am quite prone to picking up my phone and kind of mindlessly scrolling if I ever have even a moment of quiet, and that’s a habit I want to break. Speaking of mindlessness (or rather, the opposite: mindFULness), I’m going to be doing a training in a few weeks to become a Koru mindfulness educator at my university, which I’m pretty excited about, so reading the book was another quiet activity for my morning:

Reading the book for my mindfulness educator training

I’m excited about expanding my needlework skills a bit! Knitting will always be my first love, but embroidery makes me pretty darned happy, too.

stitching away.

2 thoughts on “working with much pointier needles”

  1. I have that same alphabet sampler, from the same time period! Mine is still completely untouched lol!

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