an almost-finished octopus yoke CARDIGAN!

Today was sunny and warm, so I was able to set M’s Octopus Yoke cardigan out on the deck to dry post-blocking.

Octopus Yoke cardigan, pre-steeking

Then, while M played on the trampoline at her new neighbor friend’s house (they live diagonally across the creek from us, so I can watch them from the deck in our backyard), I cut the steek, so that it was ready for her to try on when she got home!

Octopus Yoke Cardigan!
I really love how the folded rib collar turned out!

She wasn’t the most cooperative model today…she’s GRUMPY because she wants it to have a zipper, and it WILL have a zipper, but I have to measure and get out to Joann to buy one and then actually stitch it in. Sorry, kiddo!

Grumpy because she wants it to have a zipper RIGHTNOW.

I do really LOVE the way the zipper facings I knit came out – that edging of pink i-cord is just perfect.

It's a cardigan!
Seriously, it’s so great as a cardigan!

I’ll try to do another round of photos once I’ve TRULY finished the sweater, zipper and all. But it’s totally wearable as an open cardigan for now, and gosh, it’s just so darned cute on her!

The cardigan is just so stinking cute on her!

It was so wonderful to have a warm, sunny day after the wet and chilly Spring we’ve had so far. We had to celebrate with some bubbles (and yes, the bubble solution was knocked over within 5 minutes of opening it, because isn’t it always?). I hope she doesn’t outgrow her new sweater over the summer!

Blowing bubbles in her new sweater!


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