page count: 181 [139.365]

may 19 page count: 181 (had to start a new card!)

Today’s page count: 181. So I guess Friday wasn’t quite as unproductive as it felt like, since I did add 6 pages. By the end of today, I was at 192, and had a finished draft of Chapter 4. That leaves Chapters 5 and 6 to do. Chapter 6 will be the easier of the two, because conclusions and future directions are easy to write (for me). I joked with my advisor that the “future directions” will be the longest part of the dissertation because I’m just so much better at dreaming up lines of research than at actually completing them. Heh. (It’s true, though.)

Chapter 5 is the toughest one. It contains the experiments I ran most recently, and the data is super messy, and I still need to do some tricky data analysis stuff to be able to actually report it in the diss. So that’s on the docket for tomorrow. Not sure whether to expect any page count increases or not, because the data analysis might take me all day to figure out. We’ll see.

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