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out of the house! [165.365]

Saturday was a beautiful day - actually cool but still sunny, so despite being sick and exhausted, we took a little walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the weather. It ended up being a really rough day, though - M got increasingly cranky and aggressive/violent as the day went on, and I'm thinking now that… Continue reading out of the house! [165.365]

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sick day snuggles. [164.365]

M woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday with a fever, which meant that (following the night of poor sleep for all of us) she had to stay home with me on Friday. It turned out we BOTH had fevers, and this turned out to be the beginnings of Hand Foot and… Continue reading sick day snuggles. [164.365]


blue shirt. [163.365]

As soon as I got dressed, M squealed "mama, I LOVE your blue shirt!" Thanks, kiddo, I rather like it too. I haven't worn this in awhile - it fit funny when I was temporarily somewhat-larger-chested due to nursing. Definitely not a concern anymore, I'm back to my old flat self again!