office plant! [120.365]

One of my writing students, who had decided that my office was too dreary and depressing in its decor (he is correct on that front) decided to give me an office plant. It had been his dorm plant, but since he can't take it back on the plane with him, he thought my office would… Continue reading office plant! [120.365]


my kid is adorable.

Alternate title for this post: It's my knitting blog, and I can post cute pictures of my kid if I want to! We went to the playground on Sunday in hopes of getting "nice" photos of M - we didn't so much succeed at that, but she's still awfully cute, and she was wearing babyStripes!… Continue reading my kid is adorable.


WIP Sunday. [117.365]

I'm still madly in love with my Mitered Crosses Blanket project. Finished square number three (of twelve) today. I actually ended up taking a boatload of pictures today, but y'all can go look at Flickr if you want to see them all, because I'm too lazy to link any more pictures here tonight :)