beautiful day on campus. [138.365]

Beautiful day on campus.

The graduation ceremony for our department’s undergrads took place on Sunday, and one of my students from my Language Development class asked me to be the person who handed her the diploma during the ceremony, so I got to sit up with a bunch of faculty members who’d been asked to do the same for other students (I was the only one sitting there in non-Ph.D robes, which made me feel very awkward even though I’m sure basically nobody in the audience cared, or could even tell for that matter!) and then say a few words about her as she walked onstage. It was a lovely honor to be asked to do this, and I’m really proud of this student, who’s gunning for science journalism jobs and earned herself an internship for the summer doing exactly that the day before the ceremony (so that was cool to get to announce!). I got to chat with one of the new faculty members who I hadn’t actually met yet, and he was very nice and also has a 2.5 year old kid, so we have plans to introduce our kids sometime.

It was a lovely day.

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