convalescent friday. [108.365]

Somebody's up from her nap and isn't happy about it. My poor bug!

Spent Friday convalescing from my 3rd stomach bug of 2014, which was thankfully cut short by the leftover anti-emetics from my 2nd stomach bug, and thus unlike the first two, didn’t require a trip to the hospital for fluids. It was still a super rough day, though, because M was out of school (her Montessori school follows the local school district schedule, and they were closed for Good Friday), and though she does understand that I’m sick, she’s…well, not very gentle with me even in the best of times, which is really rough when you’re struggling not to barf. We’re working on it. I do appreciate the snuggles, even when they involve a knee to the guts, as they often do when they come from M!

The 18th is also a sad anniversary: 3 years ago, my nephew Ayden was stillborn. It’s not a happy memory but I also don’t want to forget him. I’m so lucky to have my M, and so sad that I never got to meet my nephew, and still a little broken by the struggles and strains of these last few years.

3 thoughts on “convalescent friday. [108.365]”

  1. Gosh, you have had the worst luck with stomach bugs this year…may you not have another for a VERY long time!

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