post-work snuggles. [118.365]

This kid. She is SO snuggly lately! I love it. I come home from work, she squeals with glee to see me, and then she gives me giant hugs, squishing her cheeks into mine, and saying "I love you I love you I love you!" Can't really get a better "Welcome home!" after walking home… Continue reading post-work snuggles. [118.365]


future lopi affection.

Along with all of those OTHER things I'm planning (and some I've not yet mentioned...I might have a wee bit of a planning problem!), I'm planning to make myself a Lopi Affection cardigan. Y'all know how I love yoked cardigans. And garter stitch. And stripes. So...yeah. How could I not knit myself one of these?… Continue reading future lopi affection.