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basketheads. [158.365]

M decided we needed "hats", so, she dumped everything out of her baskets and put these on our heads. Heh. Saturday was a rough day - M was being really difficult most of the day, and I was just hit with a wall of exhaustion and frustration. Some days I still really struggle with the… Continue reading basketheads. [158.365]

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busy sunday. [110.365]

Making playdough with M at her friend's birthday party this morning - she put a lot of flour in my lap! Today was a very full day. M's school-friend turned 2 today, so we went over to their house with another family from the school to celebrate this morning. It was a lot of fun… Continue reading busy sunday. [110.365]


too much. [70.365]

This semester has just been stupid-hard: bronchitis, pneumonia, two different stomach bugs that have required trips to the hospital, sick kiddo, sick spouse, snow/cold days at kiddo's's just too much when I'm trying to teach two classes and finish a dissertation. I'm utterly beat, and this is my "Spring Break", and I'm trying to… Continue reading too much. [70.365]