fire drill. [57.365]

Fire drill. Windchill = -4F

Some genius scheduled a fire drill today. The windchill was -4F. I mean, I know fire doesn’t exactly discriminate, so we totally COULD have a fire when it’s this cold, but man, I felt bad for the folks who didn’t have coats! (I was in my office, so grabbed all my gear and bundled up on my way down the stairs.)

Tried to get re-caught up on class prep stuff today (I got behind with the stomach bug of doom and didn’t quite catch up right away), and only partially succeeded. Was feeling sad and lonely all day, so I watched this video I took of M telling me she loved me about a million times. I’m just feeling really overwhelmed lately. I guess I’m finally healthy enough to be anxious again? Thanks, brain.

This kid is BIG

Poor M seemed like she was having a hard time today, too…kiddo needed ALL the mama snuggles after I got home. It’s been a long time since we busted out the Mei-Tai (she’s 32.5lbs!), but it’s easier than holding her in-arms. I ended up wearing her for almost an hour – what a workout! I feel like it’s awfully comical when I wear her these days, with the combination of her big-ness and my small-ness. I’m glad we got our snuggles, though, I think we both needed them.

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