throwback thursday: my family. [58.365]

baby me, baby brother, and our parents.

Never really had a good chance to take a photo today, so I’m taking advantage of Throwback Thursday to raid my little collection of childhood photos. I’m guessing this one is from late summer/early fall of 1984 – my brother’s probably 2-3 months old, so I’d be 16-17 months or so here. This was taken on the front steps of our house down in Raleigh, NC. I busted myself up pretty good on those bricks a few times as a kid – lots of sharp edges and corners. And those steps were TALL. I remember our golden retriever, Sara, knocking me off the steps with her rambunctious tail-wagging a few times. We didn’t have Sara when this picture was taken, though – we got her when I was 3.

When I was 5, a tornado sent part of a tree through that door onto the landing of our split-level house, right as I was coming up the stairs from the basement (where I was sleeping). So scary!

My dad’s short-shorts crack me up here. His glasses, too. They’re HUGE! I can see a little of myself in both of them, but especially my mom, and I think I can see a little bit of M in baby-me, too. Awww.


5 thoughts on “throwback thursday: my family. [58.365]

    • It’s so neat! We don’t have a ton of pictures from when I was little (my dad was TERRIBLE with cameras!), but I asked my mom to let me scan the ones we had, after M was born, because I was so curious whether I looked anything like her when I was little!

  1. Kristen

    aw – such a great shot. (thinking back to a time when it was film in a camera, it’s amazing our parents got great shots of everyone generally looking in the same direction!) We had the same chairs as are in this picture – I loved them, and still to this day love green/yellow/orange combos.

    • I know, right? I have to take a million pictures to get one that’s halfway decent, which would never have worked back in the film era – I would’ve spent a fortune on crappy shots!)

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