day without mirrors? [56.365]

Note on the mirror.

This (along with some other notes) was stuck to the bathroom mirror outside the writing program office space today, as part of a “Day without Mirrors” event meant to raise awareness about eating disorders. I got a small kick out of the grammar error, given the sign’s location, but I can get behind promoting self-acceptance and questioning our ideas about beauty. I grew up in house with disordered eating (my mother and brother) and it’s something I work hard not to fall into – but then I wonder, by working hard not to eat in a disordered way, am I still more focused on food than I ought to be, and isn’t that kind of disordered in its own way? I don’t know how it will ever not be an issue for me.

(Given that I’m not a make-up wearer and I don’t really “do” my hair beyond drying it upside down with a hairdryer, I actually could probably get by just fine without a mirror for a day. But oddly, I do look at mirrors an awful lot for someone who doesn’t actually “need” to. Hmmm.)

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