chawne's sweater

a second sleeve

First, thanks so much for all of your input on my last post! The comments section there has lots of good ideas for wooly, workhorse-style DK-weight yarns. A couple more that I’ve found since posting: Québécoise and Canadian Regal, both of which I’d like to try at some point.

Now, back to business. I haven’t posted an update about my progress on C’s sweater in awhile, so I figured it was time. Last week, I finished the body of the sweater:

C's sweater

The body is identical to the one I knit on my prototype “Swatch”, with the exception of using a tubular cast-on (and being over a foot bigger around). I just really love the waist-shaping on the outside of garter rib, and am eager to see how it works on someone who is not me.

The sleeves are where things have deviated from my “Swatch”. Instead of the garter eyelet business on my cuffs, C requested garter rib. I obliged, and added my own little touch:

C sleeve progress

See how the ribbing angles up in the center of the sleeve? I love that little detail, and I think (I hope!) that C does, too. As you can see, I’ve already finished one sleeve, and am already a good way through the second, having knit 7 of the 18 increases I will knit in order to get from the cuff circumference to the upper arm circumference.

Then it will be time to see if the notes I took while knitting the “Swatch”, on creating seamless set-in sleeves at the same time as a non-steeked V-neck, were good enough to help me do the same thing on a larger sweater. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can make it work.

2 thoughts on “a second sleeve”

  1. Pretty cool sleeve detail! Is it supposed to be on the outside or the inside? I can imagine it better on the inside, for some reason. I bet you can make the rest of it work, easy. Have fun!

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