the quilt.


I’ve mentioned here a few times that I was knitting Chawne‘s sweater in exchange for a quilt. I figure her gorgeous quilt deserves a little bit of attention here on my blog, now that it’s here.

It came on Friday, and despite temperatures of 88 degrees, I couldn’t resist taking it outside to get some photos. When you get a quilt this awesome, you forget about things like the heat:

quilt in the sun

(I promise, I am actually wearing shorts in that picture, under the quilt. I just have absurdly long legs to go with my absurdly long arms.) One of the blues in the quilt (there are 15 different shades of blue!) matches my glasses perfectly:

wrapped up in a quilt [365x2.17]

I absolutely adore the quilt, and am so glad that C and I were able to do such a wonderful swap. The quilt is already well-loved by both the human and feline residents of this household:

stimpy loves the quilt.
Stimpy thinks it is his

snuggling with stimpy [365x2.19]
But I make him share

Thanks so much, C!