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C’s sweater is coming along quite nicely; I nearly finished the second sleeve during a long meeting yesterday. Before anyone worries that I was being horribly rude, this is a meeting in which most of the other members are pecking away at their laptops throughout. I can knit by touch, so I think I was actually more engaged during the meeting than most of them!

Stripes!, the pattern, is also coming along nicely. I’ve gotten some very good feedback from my lovely test-knitting volunteers, and am hopeful that I’ll be able to release the pattern, for real, pretty soon. Speaking of Stripes!, this arrived in my mailbox yesterday (well, the Noro didn’t…I already had that!):

artsy fartsy

It’s Louet Gems Fingering weight, in “Linen Grey”. You can expect to see a babyStripes! at some point this summer; I’m working out the numbers and thinking through the design (for one thing, it will be a cardigan rather than a pullover), and might make this the small project I carry around in my backpack.

(baby)Stripes! aside, my “Year of Yokes” seems to have fallen by the wayside, but I promise, there will be more yokeage later this year! It’s just that I’ve been sidetracked with ideas for knits that are not yoked sweaters (who knew?), and with projects being knit either for or with others (which are also not yoked). My queue on Ravelry has gotten hugely disorganized at this point, and there’s not a great way for me to queue an idea for a design, so here’s a more organized version of my plans for the summer, sweater-knitting-wise:

1. A Cardigan for Arwen, but hugely modified because I don’t like the construction of the original. A friend asked me to knit along with her on this project last year (or maybe even earlier than that?), and we’ve both been so busy that it never happened…but it’s happening now! Or rather, it’s happening as soon as I finish knitting C’s sweater (for which there will be a pattern written up, eventually).

2. A self-designed, modernized, short-sleeved gansey. I plan on knitting this one during the Tour de France, since I’ve got a little tradition going of running a Tour de Gansey at the same time. If it turns out well, I might write this one up, too. No promises, though!

3. Vivian, for my friend Kris. I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw it, but thought it might look silly on me, since I’m not particularly hourglassy. At all. But Kris is, and she’s also totally sweater-worthy, so I’m excited to knit one up for her! I’d like to finish it before it gets chilly.

Between the knitting and the pattern-writing, that probably pretty much does it for the summer, since I’m also in the process of studying for my comprehensive exams, and trying to get some studies up and running. Busy, busy.

6 thoughts on “coming attractions”

  1. ooh, baby stripes! will be so fun :) i also fell in love with vivian when i first saw it. looking forward to seeing what you crank out!

    1. I’m so excited to turn Stripes! into a baby cardigan. I mean, what could be more cute than a stripey baby?

      I’m really looking forward to knitting Vivian, and am glad I have someone to knit it for who’s more suited for an hourglass-flattering style.


  2. Your meeting commentary sounds just like mine! Since I can talk and pay attention and knit at the same time, while those who are busily texting and emailing on their blackberries, or grading papers, cannot, I’ve given up on feeling guilty :)

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