chawne's sweater, garter whimsy

Garter Whimsy, all finished

C's sweater has finally dried after its blocking, and has had all of the cat-hairs lovingly picked off it before being wrapped in tissue paper to be put in the mail tomorrow. Despite all that, given the degree to which every surface of our house, our clothing, and even the inside of our car is… Continue reading Garter Whimsy, all finished

babyStripes!, chawne's sweater

an ending and a beginning

I finished C's sweater earlier today: I have to admit, it's a little nervewracking, knitting a sweater for another knitter...I found myself worrying about my finishing skills in a way I never have before. The sweater still needs to be blocked, to relax the stitches a little bit, but other than that, it is finished.… Continue reading an ending and a beginning