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for real, this time

Like Gold

Does this look familiar? Y’all might remember how I was going to finish my Golden Dragon socks during the phase of Project Spectrum that included “metallics” last year. And yet, here we are, many months later…”metallics” have rolled around again, and those socks are still in the exact same state as they were:

Upcoming EARTH project

But this time, I’m going to work on them, for real. Because honestly, the combination of the dragon scale pattern with that gold yarn is just too wonderful to keep hidden in the bottom of my bag of projects. And I’ve figured out why I was so reluctant to knit on them last year. The thing is, I hate the heel. Absolutely loathe it. My short-row heel is pretty darn ugly, but it’s not just that…after having tried on handknit socks knit with short-row heels, I can honestly say I don’t like the way they fit my foot. So this time, I’m going to rip back to the leg stitches, put in a heel flap, and make a pair of socks I’ll actually want to finish and wear. I’m more comfortable with basic sock construction at this point than I was last year, so I’m confident I can do this without doing undue harm to the beauty of the original pattern (which is really very clever).  We’ll see if I can finish these before the end of May.

Stay tuned for more EARTH-themed content!

5 thoughts on “for real, this time”

  1. those are so pretty – you are right – they deserve to be done and worn! I like heel flaps better too – short row heels just never fit me right!

  2. That golden color just seems to glow like a golden dragon. And the red bush you keep using for an outdoor display prop may be what is called a Red Osier or red twigged dogwood. Once it leafs out and/or blooms you can always head over to Highland Ave and the Extension office and ask just what it is.

  3. I completely agree on both counts. The color of the yarn and stitch pattern are perfect together and changing the heel to a flap is certainly doable. Have fun!

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