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playing in the dirt

I love our backyard

One of the many wonderful things about our little house is the fact that it came with a beautiful (if a wee bit overgrown) backyard garden. Prior to this year, we’ve lived in apartments where we didn’t have the opportunity to do anything with whatever yard there was, so we’re very excited to be able to tend our own garden. I’d hoped to be able to convert part of it into a veggie garden, but I’ve been too sick and too busy to really put the time and effort into doing it right, so we’ve decided that this year will primarily be for educating ourselves, and learning more about our current garden (since we did not live here in the Spring last year, we don’t completely know what we even have in our garden! It is going to be fun, watching what comes up at various points this Spring), which areas get the most sunlight and which stay shady and that sort of thing. I think we might try to have a small container-based herb garden, but the veggies will almost certainly be waiting until next year. This is fine, because I want to put a lot of thought into what we really want to grow and where we get our seeds (especially after reading Lolly’s recent post) and learn more about organic gardening in general.

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the warm, dry day, and went out back and just generally cleaned up a bit. We had tons of leaves that got buried under snow before we got a chance to rake them up, a whole lot of weeds, and lots of dead stems to cut back and such (not to mention the trash from litterers, which also got buried under the snow). In the process, we discovered that our little stone path through the garden is actually not so little after all, but had just been half-buried under overgrown plants. We’re hoping to keep the growth in check this year, so that we can have a beautiful, but not unmanageable or unnavigable garden.

I’ll have some EARTH-themed knitting content perhaps even later today…I’m half-finished seaming a certain sweater, which means there’s an FO post soon to come!

2 thoughts on “playing in the dirt”

  1. I really admire you for getting out there in your own garden. Evidently, we have rose bushes at our new house. I got all excited that I’d learn how to take care of them and have a garden and house full of fresh roses. So I went online to start reading up on roses. I glazed over so fast it’s not even funny. I’m just not sure gardening is in me, which makes me all the more impressed by people who can do it.

  2. I did the same exact thing yesterday. We’re still renting, but our apartment is the first floor of a house, so the lawn and gardens belong to us, sort of.

    I know nothing about gardening, so maybe we can help each other along!

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