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a sock!

What better way to both close out Project Spectrum (I almost typed "Project Runway", because that's what I'm watching on TV right now!), and welcome Socktoberfest, than with this: A sock! Namely, the sock I started while I was in Ohio, with WATER-themed yarn, for Project Spectrum. I've been knitting on it at my office,… Continue reading a sock!

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I’m back (sort of)

And I have some knitting progress to report: Yep, I used Syncopated Ribs as my Officially Permitted Distraction Knitting whilst finishing up a bunch of work at the end of this semester, and came very close to finishing off the knitting on the body. I've only got a few more inches left to knit down… Continue reading I’m back (sort of)

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Nordic Wednesday (hopefully the first of many)

When we moved up to MN from NC when I was 8 years old, everyone I met up there guessed I was Scandinavian. Not a bad guess, when presented with a pale girl with blond braids in the Scandinavian-laden land of MN, but I've not got an ounce of it in me. I'm really that… Continue reading Nordic Wednesday (hopefully the first of many)