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le Tour de Gansey: Stage Two

Our coverage of Stage Two of le Tour de Gansey, part of the Tour de France Knitalong, picks up where Stage One left off. Literally. From the cast-on completed in Stage One, a 9-row garter welt is knit:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 2

Then the efforts of Stage One are duplicated, followed by another 9 rows of garter stitch to make a second welt. Next, the preparations for the newest challenge begin, with the two welts side by side, ready to be joined into a “split and overlapped garter welt”:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 2

Then, via a clever technique in which stitches are purled together, forming the beginning of the 2-stitch purl “seam” that will run up the body of the gansey, the two welts are joined:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 2

The same maneuver is executed across the other side of the welt, creating a joined piece of circular knitting:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 2

The conclusion of the stage is a fast, easy cycle around the newly created round, maintaining the 2-stitch “seam” established via the overlap procedure:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 2

And with that, Stage Two is completed! Stay tuned for our coverage of Stage Three: The Plain Area, Seam Stitches, and Definition Ridge.

2 thoughts on “le Tour de Gansey: Stage Two”

  1. Just visited your site for the 1st time–am a new-to-the-blog-scene-er. Just love the Bergere de France pullover–it is GORGEOUS! I am making a “cable-icious beret” pictured on my site–you may like it, too Julierose

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