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Thanks to a clever suggestion from Jen, I'm able to keep knitting on my pretty Giotto socks. How? By replacing the stitch pattern that was causing me so much pain with the one from the "Go With The Flow" sock pattern in the Summer 2005 IK. Hence their new name, "Giotto-With-The-Flow". Isn't it pretty? I… Continue reading Giotto-With-The-Flow

golden dragon socks, norwegian stockings, socks, summer of socks 2007

I think I might have a sock problem.

In the past couple of days, I've cast on for two different socks. If you've been paying attention, you'll realize that this brings the number of unrelated socks that are simultaneously in progress on my needles to four. I can't help myself! I don't feel up to do much of anything beyond knitting little things… Continue reading I think I might have a sock problem.

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For Dad

I'm trying to get this post written quickly, because in a couple of hours I will begin preparations for this procedure, which I'm scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Oh, my life is so full of medical adventure right now. In any case, I highly doubt I will feel up to doing much of anything, much less… Continue reading For Dad