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le Tour de Gansey: Stage Three

Our coverage of le Tour de Gansey, part of the Tour de France Knitalong, continues tonight, with

Stage Three: The Plain Area, Seam Stitches, and Definition Ridge.

Today’s stage in le Tour de Gansey is an easy one (unlike today’s stage in the actual Tour de France, which is their first venture into the real mountains), which is good, because I feel like utter hell. Yes, I’m still sick, and no, we still don’t know why, though I did learn yesterday that the test they performed on a certain sort of sample I had to leave for them (I’ll leave just what sort of sample that might’ve been to your imaginations!) showed that I’m not absorbing fats properly (which probably explains the weight loss, exhaustion, and several other things), so now we need to figure out why. ANYway, back to le Tour: We start where we left off in Stage 2, and simply knit around and around for the “Plain Area”, maintaining the two-stitch purl “seams” on either side of the body:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 3

I chose not to take the option, given in the book, of knitting in an initial on the lower right front, simply because I couldn’t pick a letter! Silly, I know, but I’m such a perfectionist that I just couldn’t choose a letter unless I knew it was “right”, and nothing jumped out at me. So I simply continued up to the definition ridge, where knit and purl rounds are alternated to create a garter “definition ridge” splitting off the plain area of the lower body from the upcoming patterned area. Here’s where things stand at the end of Stage 3 (complete with my own hand, for scale!):

Tour de Gansey, Stage 3

We now enter a very technical series of stages in le Tour de Gansey. Stay tuned for Stage 4: Pattern Motifs.

1 thought on “le Tour de Gansey: Stage Three”

  1. Hey, don’t feel bad about not catching the garter edge on the Tailored Scallops b/c I did the same thing to BOTH sides! Also, I’m using yarn that I’ve dyed myself, so naturally after re-knitting both fronts I notice that one side is slightly darker than the other! I had to dye another skein, and right now I’m knitting the right front for a 3rd time! :)

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