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Nordic Wednesday (hopefully the first of many)

When we moved up to MN from NC when I was 8 years old, everyone I met up there guessed I was Scandinavian. Not a bad guess, when presented with a pale girl with blond braids in the Scandinavian-laden land of MN, but I’ve not got an ounce of it in me. I’m really that oh-so-common blend of German, Scottish, and Irish. But even if I’m not actually Scandinavian, I’ve always been drawn to all things Nordic, and I’ve decided to indulge my inner Scandinavian with a couple of Norwegian patterns. And I’ve decided to make Wednesdays my day for sharing these projects with y’all.

The first of these projects, my Norwegian Stockings, are in the same state as they were the last time I mentioned them on the blog, so there’s nothing new to report. What can I say? As far as socks are concerned, Giotto With The Flow currently have my heart, and that’s not likely to change until I finish the second sock of the pair. But worry not, I really really want to have a pair of Norwegian knee-highs, so I’ll get right on to working on them soon enough.

The second project is Ingeborg, my big entry for Project Spectrum (yeah, I’m a little behind, and there’s no way at all that I will finish it before the new set of colors come into effect, but c’est la vie). The two balls of red Naturespun I needed for the hems came in the mail the other day, and I cast on right away. But ouch! So many stitches, on wee little needles, and they had to go and put some more of that twisty business that led me to give up on making pure Giottos into the hem. But since there were only two rows of it (but with 262 stitches apiece!), I toughed it out, and I’m glad I did, because I like the way the extra bit of texture in the hem looks. I went ahead and knit the cast-on edge in with the last row to eliminate some of the finishing work, and here’s where it stood after my first day of knitting:

Finished bottom hem of Ingeborg

The color is not quite true in that picture; it’s a very deep, almost berry-red, which Brown Sheep calls “Scarlett”. Yesterday I started the black and white bit, but didn’t make it terribly far before I decided I felt like taking a reading break. Here’s where Ingeborg stands so far:

Ingeborg Progress

Here’s hoping that by next Nordic Wednesday, I’ll actually have completed a pattern repeat!

Oh, and what a perfect tie-in for the Tour de France Knitalong: as I was writing up this post, my favorite sprinter, Thor Hushovd (a Norwegian, if you couldn’t guess by his name!), took the stage in a great sprint finish! Hooray for the “Big Norwegian”! C’mon, how can you not love a guy named Thor? (Actually, come to think of it, there was a boy at my high school named Thor who was a bit of a jerk…but Hushovd always seems like a sweet guy when he’s interviewed, so I don’t think that’s a concern with him). I’m really loving having the Tour to keep me company while I read and study and knit here at home (since I’m still not feeling up to going in for a full day on campus).

Next up, Stage Two of le Tour de Gansey: Ribbing and Welts!

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