Making progress

Definitely feeling the words on my shirt recently.

I’ve definitely been feeling those words on my shirt recently – these are indeed hard times for soft-hearted folks like me. But at least I have my knitting to keep me feeling a bit more centered.

One inch left on the body!

I’ve now almost finished the body of my Farmhouse cardigan, and have used exactly 2 full skeins of the Bartlettyarns worsted at this point. As you might be able to tell at the lefthand edge in the above photo, I couldn’t leave the pattern alone, and added a wee bit of waist shaping…just two paired double decreases (so as to preserve the 1×1 rib) and two paired double increases, centered at the back. The cardigan is designed to be loose-fitting, and that’s what I want it to be, but as a petite person whose waist-shape is lot more “defined” in the back than in the front, I like to remove a little bit of the bulk at the back waist so that it doesn’t bulge out as much.

Checking length

According to the pattern, I have one more inch to knit before I join sleeves. Looking good, I think!

We have a big trip coming up – heading up to Wisconsin to visit my family. I won’t be able to bring a big sweater project along with me, so I’m planning a few smaller projects…including a couple more Willow Cowls, because I just can’t stop!

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