Finally Finished: Me-sized Elle Melle!

A couple of years ago, I got it into my head that I needed to knit myself an Elle Melle; I’d so loved the one I knit for M, both the knitting of it and the look of the finished sweater, and I wanted one in grey and black. I had nearly finished it, and then it got buried under other things and I didn’t rediscover it until recently, while trying to reorganize things after our move. It turned out that all it needed was to have the ends woven in, and to be blocked, and then to have a zipper installed. So now, thanks mostly to the efforts of 2-years-ago me, I have a finished sweater!

Hooray for Elle Melle!

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Elle Melle, with math to make it a 36″ sweater
Yarn: Classic Elite Mohawk, which had a TON of breaks in it :(
Needles: Size 2 and size 4
Time to knit: Ha! Well, if we go from start to finish, two full years, but it was buried under other stuff for the vast majority of that time.

I can see why I set it aside at the point I did – there were a LOT of ends to weave in, because the Mohawk yarn had a ton of breaks in it. It almost seemed to have been nicked by a box cutter or something; it was a rather frustrating experience, and made me wish that I’d gone with my first intuition and knit it with Beaverslide Sport/Sock. But I’d wanted to try a new-to-me yarn, and it is a very nice, warm sweater now that it’s done.

Stitching in a zipper. This is...gonna take awhile. (I’m not a speedy stitcher!)

The other reason I let it linger was that I was really dreading putting a zipper in. It just intimidated me! It took me most of the afternoon and evening yesterday, but I did it!

It’s terrible for my neck and I really need new trifocals but for now, I’m stitching this zipper on by holding it a few inches from my face and looking over the tops of my glasses.
I desperately need new glasses; the “hold it inches from face” method was quite hard on my neck!

My stitches weren’t the most beautiful – it’s really freaking hard to see what you’re doing when you’re sewing on a black zipper to a black zipper facing with black thread! But look, it’s a functional zipper!




I’m really quite proud of my first successful zipper installation! M has requested a zipper on her Octopus Yoke cardigan, so I’m also glad I got a chance to practice on this sweater!

Proud of my first zipper installation.

Another detail I really like is the short-rowed collar. It was too cold to try to take pictures without a cowl, but I think you can still see the angled neckline here:

Showing off the short-rowed collar

As much as I love the look of Elle Melle, I don’t think raglans are the most flattering style of sweater for me; I’m really broad shouldered but otherwise petite, and raglans seem to amplify the broadness of my shoulders while making the rest of me look boxier than I am. But I do think this is a going to be a cute sweater to wear.

All zipped up!

It turns out to be mighty difficult to get good photos of a sweater when it’s just you and your self-timer, on a cold snowy day. But the snow did make a nice background!

Elle Melle in the snow.

The hardest is getting a photo of your own back with just a self-timer. This was the best I could do, and it’s not quite in-focus. Oh well!

Somewhat out of focus photo of the back.

All-in-all, I’m pretty darned pleased with how this turned out! Hooray for Elle Melle!

I installed a zipper! Hooray!

5 thoughts on “Finally Finished: Me-sized Elle Melle!”

  1. Zippers are the worst! Pretty much every time I make a sweater with a zipper it gets almost done and then sits around for months until I suck it up and deal with the zipper. I’ve experimented with various techniques that promise to make it easier and painless, but it turns out that there’s really no getting around the fact that installing a zipper in a knit is a tedious, painstaking, and time-consuming task.

    That said, when you get them right, they’re pretty great as a feature.

    1. Yeah, I’m definitely not a fan of the process! So tedious. (And I definitely didn’t help myself by doing my very first zipper installation with a black zipper, against black yarn, with black thread…oof!)

      But I am indeed liking having a zip-front sweater, so I guess the tedium paid off!


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