squares eleven and twelve

Ends woven in on squares eleven and twelve.

This morning, I wove in the ends on Squares Eleven and Twelve of the Mitered Crosses Blanket.

The last two squares.

And with these two squares, the knitting for the blanket is DONE!

Beautiful stack!

And now I have a beautiful stack of squares. They make me very happy.

Yay, 12 squares!

Such squishy soft garter goodness!

Squishy garter goodness.

Perfect to wear on your head, while your daughter looms over your shoulder?

Being silly with squares while M looms over my shoulder :)

Yeah, we’re weirdos :)

Yeah, we're weirdos.

I suppose the next step, before I turn them into a blanket, should be to block each of the squares. I can probably only block a couple of them at a time, given the space constraints of our house (and the naughtiness of our kitties), so it might be awhile before I actually get around to turning these into a blanket. But it’s going to be an AWESOME blanket. For now, I’ll just revel in my beautiful stack of squares…

Stack of squares.

…and in the fact that the worst February EVER is now over! Hello, March!

1 thought on “squares eleven and twelve”

  1. Those are cool squares. How many did you cast on and how many rows are there to make them those dimensions? I make all kinds of sizes in squares. Currently doing 5×5 squares in different colors. They might eventually turn into something useful. Thanks. Dkg

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