Happy (now-belated) Valentines Day, friends!

Happy Valentines Day!

We took a break from the misery that is February to celebrate love this past Saturday. Of course, we love each other and the world every single day, but the holiday was at least a good excuse to bake some cookies :)

We had a bunch of leftover gingerbread dough from our Solstice cookie-making antics (which we’d frozen in anticipation of using for this very activity!), and I was able to find a set of heart-shaped biscuit cutters (which seem to have doubled in price since I got them!):


So we made gingerbread hearts. M, as always, was our sous-chef, helping to roll out the dough:

Getting ready to make Valentines cookies! (With the leftover dough from our Solstice cookies, which we had frozen.)

And cutting out heart shapes:

Little cookie cutter <3

She…struggled a bit with her listening ears during this process, and kept cutting cookies that partially overlapped with either the edge or another already-cut-out cookie, so we had some deformed hearts going on for awhile. But she got better and better at it!

Gingerbread heart-maker.

As with the Solstice cookies, we dusted our hearts with powdered sugar after they’d baked. So pretty!

Valentine's Cookies!

And of course, M delighted in sampling the product she’d helped make:

Enjoying the fruits of her labor

I hope you got to enjoy some sort of sweet treat this weekend, too!


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