because she asked me

A sock for M, because she asked, and I am putty in her hands when it comes to requests for handknits.

I cast on for a sock last night, for the first time in YEARS. I’d been rummaging through my knitting supplies, and finding partial skeins of sock yarn, and M happened to be watching me (oh, who am I kidding…I can’t do a thing around the house without her “happening” to be watching me!). And I was explaining that the yarn was leftover from socks that I’d knit for myself, and then she asked if there was enough to knit leftover to knit her a pair, since her feet are smaller. And, well, I am putty in that child’s hands when it comes to hand knit requests. Your wish is my command, love.

Trying to decide how long to knit before doing the heel flap (I traced M's foot yesterday).

I measured her feet last night, and since I had such good luck using a tracing of her hand as a reference when I knit her mittens, I decided to trace her foot, too. Both in “profile”, as in the above photo, and around the bottom:

The other foot-tracing.

As you can probably tell. I knit a little bit on the sock at work today. Not much, though, because I had a writing workshop to help with today, classes to prep, as well as another writing workshop that I’ll be running tomorrow (on my favorite topic: cohesion and flow!).

Folders filled with stacks of handouts for my two classes and one workshop tomorrow. #preparation

It was a productive day. And now it’s time to knit a heel flap while I watch an episode of Parks & Recreation with my husband. We’re WAY behind the times – just on Episode 13 at this point!

2 thoughts on “because she asked me

    • It’s actually the chapter on Introductions and Conclusions from “The Craft of Research” (which is a book a lot of us in the writing program here use), so intended for a general academic writer audience, but hilariously, in my class, we actually do watch Star Trek (in particular, the Measure of a Man episode) so the example intro there is super-relevant to my students!

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