“I not tired, mama.” [204.365]

"I not tired, mama." Yeah, sure, kiddo.

Sure, kiddo. You don’t look tired AT ALL. But no nap. She was not a happy camper yesterday afternoon, because it was a rainy day but we didn’t have the car, so we couldn’t go to the Museum of Play, and I’ve come down with some sort of respiratory crud that is sucking the life out of me, so even once the sun came out, I didn’t feel up to doing anything.

Consoling this kiddo, who is very upset that I'm not feeling well today. (She's screaming "get up! Get up!")

The joy of feeling awful when you’re the parent of a little one is that in the very moment you most wish someone would just take care of you, you instead need to spend EXTRA energy comforting your kid who is very disappointed in you and being vocal about it. Yes, M, the thing a sick person needs is to have a screaming tantrum thrown at them for daring to be sick. I only get sick to inconvenience you, dear. (I know, she’s 2.5 and doesn’t really get it, but goodness, it’s rough having “GET UP! GET UP! TAKE ME FOR A WALK! DON’T SIT DOWN! WALK!” screamed at you when you feel like you can hardly stand up.)

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