taking pictures of knitting. [205.365]

this is how much sleeve I can get...

Still feeling pretty yucky, but thanks to Tylenol Nighttime Sinus meds, I actually did get some sleep last night (unlike the night before), so here’s hoping I can keep up with M this afternoon. Took advantage of the lovely weather we’re having this morning to take my knitting out to our back porch and take pictures. I’ve contracted quite a case of start-itis since defending my dissertation…

Elle Melle

…I started an Elle Melle for M yesterday morning, using Beaverslide’s 2ply Sport/Sock weight yarn in two different shades of purple. M’s been requesting a purple cardigan for awhile, so I’m hoping this fits the bill. Despite the small gauge (6sts/in) I feel like I’m flying along. Stripes do that to me. And I just love the way the Beaverslide feels when I’m knitting with it.

I also cast on for a second set of Mitered Crosses:

i appear to have contracted start-itis

I’ve had a ZigZag Mittens kit hanging around forever, not turning into ZigZag Mittens, and I’ve been wanting to make something to cover the full-length skinny window in my office door…so the plan is to knit a square from each of these colors of Naturespun Sport (with some random natural color dk/sport weight yarn from my stash in the borders) and chain them together to make a little “curtain”. I need some pops of color in my depressingly bland office.

The sleeve I’m wearing in the first photo represents the first skein worth of Lett-Lopi – it’ll be part of a Lopi Affection cardigan when it grows up. Maybe that’ll be my Rhinebeck cardigan. It’ll be kind of weird to wear something I didn’t design myself (I have such weird hangups about not being able to really feel “proud” of a sweater if I didn’t design it, even if I love the sweater, which is totally dumb), but the odds of me finishing anything else in the next couple of months are…slim. Very slim.

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