playground fun! [206.365]

M had so much fun at the playground this afternoon! She met a little girl, E, who was about her age, and they hit it off, and played together for 2 whole hours. (By "play together", I really mean that E copied/followed everything M did, but they both seemed to be having a blast with… Continue reading playground fun! [206.365]

elle melle, things i make for maddy

making an elle melle!

I appear to have contracted a powerful case of start-itis (and, um, also a nasty respiratory bug, alas) since defending my dissertation. First up, an Elle Melle for M: I cast on for this on Wednesday while M was at her Montessori morning-camp, and even at the fairly small gauge (6sts/inch) I feel like I'm… Continue reading making an elle melle!